Museums are a window into the past and sometimes the future. They are a great place to get your child interested in the world around them.

All too often we can get put off by places which are not designed with children in mind, i.e. low level displays which are not allowed to be touched, and the whole experience can become too stressful to ever set foot into a museum again. Some museums have got it right and have fantastic interactive displays designed to interest your little ones. Search our site for museums which parents believe have ‘got it right’ or submit one of your own and share the good news.


  • Baby changing facilities - Private, clean and safe
  • Specific children's area - Clean and inviting space for children to read and play.
  • Activities for children - Timetabled events for children
  • Separate WC with room for a Pushchair - To help parents out by themselves
  • Parent parking - Designated bays for parents and children